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The Tournament Director should do the following items as soon as possible after the tournament site has been selected.


  1. Arrange dates and shifts with the bowling centre(s). Allow sufficient time to oil the lanes after the second squad.  Lanes must be oiled between the second and third squad.

  2. Doubles and Singles events must not have more than 4 bowlers per set of lanes.  Bowlers are not to change lanes between events.

  3. Information for the entry form and poster to be printed will be supplied by the Hosting Association.  The Provincial Association will have entry forms and posters printed for distribution at the fall board meeting.

  4. Open a Tournament account and arrange for any 2 of 3 signatures for withdrawals.  One of the signatures should be an OTBA Director.

  5. Borrow sufficient money from the Provincial Association to cover immediate expenses, if required.

  6. Send out copies of the entry forms to all team captains of the previous year in early to mid-January.

  7. Prepare score sheets - teams, doubles and singles.  Have a photocopier available if bowlers want a copy of their scores.

  8. Prepare a form showing entry number, team name and amount received.

  9. Prepare updated standing sheets at the end of each squad for posting scores - teams, doubles, singles and all events.

  10. Prepare an unofficial prize list to be posted for the first shift of the tournament based on recommended percentages (1 in 6 or major fraction thereof).

    •                                                                                                                         Minimum

    •                                                                                                               Prize Ratio at 1 in 6

    •             Team Event                 # of entries 156 x $52.00 = $ 8,112.00             26 

    •             Doubles Event             # of entries 307 x $26.00 = $ 7,982.00             51 

    •             Singles Event              # of entries 614 x $13.00 = $ 7,982.00           102

  11. Set up a complete organization of workers. The tournament director will be given $1.00 per entry, excluding all events.

  12. Secure a copy of all Local Association yearbooks for the previous year.



Duties of the Tournament Director:


  1. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Director to run the tournaments.  Separate records should be kept for the Women’s Division, the Men’s Division and the Mixed Division.  The Tournament Director should be on site or close at hand during the whole tournament in the event that there is a decision to be made. Workers appointed by him/her to handle various jobs are also his/her responsibility.

  2. Receive all entries and date when received.  The entry number should be key identification of all records.

  3. Post entries to receipt form and post entry number on entry form and note any money owing.

  4. Schedule all entries on work sheet schedule.

  5. Acknowledge all entries and money received.  Show the date and shift of bowling on a confirmation form as well as amounts of money still owing if correct money was not received.    The confirmation form should also include a request to inform the Tournament Office if any bowlers are last year’s Provincial Champions and current OTBA Board Members or Hall of Fame Members.  In addition, include an average verification form if the entry contains first year bowlers.  Confirmation forms and average verification forms can be mailed or emailed to the Team Captains.

  6. Deposit money received and mark receipt on the entry form.

  7. Handicap all entries based on a 3 game series handicap.

  8. Prior year’s averages should be verified with yearbooks supplied for bowlers other than those using January 1 averages prior to calculating handicaps. Average differences higher than yearbooks will remain the same and averages lower than yearbooks will be adjusted upward.

  9. Write up score sheets showing date and shift.

  10. File all entries by entry number.

  11. File all score sheets by date and shift in teams, doubles, and singles.

  12. Have all entries on hand for “check in” at time of bowling.

  13. If there are any changes to entry at check in time, make these changes on entry form and follow through to score sheets and posting sheets IMMEDIATELY.

  14. Prepare posting work sheets, bowlers’ names, average and handicaps. If this is done in advance it will make posting much faster.

  15. For women entering this tournament, a summary of all women bowlers with their names, date and shift they are bowling on and the Local Association they are from MUST be forwarded to Charlotte Konkle, OTBA Director, immediately following the closing date so she can prepare a list of bowlers who will receive recognition for 10 or more years of participation in the Women’s Provincial Tournament that will be presented before each shift at the Women’s Provincial Tournament.

  16. The Men with 10 or more years will be recognized.



Other Workers:


  1. Select workers to make sure that you have enough to cover all shifts on each bowling date.

  2. Train scorers (if required) as to properly marking of score sheets. See that bowlers and scorers are all placed for each shift.

  3. Advise bowlers of 10 minutes practice on their assigned lanes before the team and doubles event only - not the singles.

  4. Announce Provincial Board Members and the previous year’s Provincial Champions bowling on the shift.             Also present the awards to the women bowling in the Women’s Provincial Tournament who have 10 or more years of participation in the tournament and recognize the men.

  5. Make any other announcements that are necessary. Play “O Canada” each day before the first shift.

  6. Check all score totals after each shift and before posting.

  7. Sort score sheets for shifts into teams, doubles and singles and post.

  8. At the completion of each weekend, a complete list of all the bowlers and standings is to be posted on the host association’s web site.



Post Tournament:


  1. Prepare a complete prize list, and the breakdown of the Prize Fund.  

  2. Prepare a complete list of all participants and scores in each event.  Email a copy of this to the OTBA Association Manager to be posted on the OTBA web site. 

  3. Prepare cheques.  Make out to Captain of each winning entry covering total won by this entry and put the cheque with a covering letter and a copy of the Prize List, highlighting the winners of the entry in the list.

  4. Mail out all cheques with letters and Prize Lists.

  5. Prepare an interim financial statement and forward to the Provincial Association Manager no later than September 1st following the tournament for distribution to the Board of Directors.

  6. Send mailing labels to the next Tournament Director to prepare envelopes for mailing the following year’s entry forms.

  7. Reconcile the bank account leaving only the required amount for outstanding cheques.  The Tournament Director will also have a final audited financial statement and cheque or bank draft for the balance of the account for approval by the board at the next Spring Board meeting if it was not done at the Fall meeting.  The Provincial Association Manager will issue a cheque for 75% of the tournament profit to the hosting association after the Board has approved the statement.

  8. All last place prizes in each division and section are to be a minimum of prize fee for each of the various events.

  9. Ratio of prize payments is to be a minimum of 1 prize for each 6 entries in the event.




Amended:  July 23, 2016

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